What To Look For In An Attorney

During a consultation, you discover whether you and your prospective criminal lawyer have the right chemistry. When the correct chemistry doesn’t exist, you’ll feel uncomfortable and apprehensive. Trust is critical when selecting an attorney. When your instincts indicate that they are the wrong choice, you must continue your search.

What to Look for in an Attorney

The consultation allows you to gauge the attorney’s reaction to your case. An attorney which is profit-driven won’t take your case if they aren’t certain they will win. Their overall attitude toward your case defines whether they will work hard and defense attorney build a defense for you. Before the consultation, write down questions you have for the attorney which could help you make this assessment more accurately.

After the consultation, you’ll know if they are the right fit. A willingness to take on your case despite the odds is a sign of an exceptional attorney. However, follow your instincts to choose the attorney who meets your requirements. If they give the impression that they are trying to sell you something instead of help you, take that to heart. You’re hiring an attorney; you aren’t buying a car.

Effective Communication is Critical

An attorney which wants to help you communicates with you. They won’t leave you in a state of panic. The attorney answers your questions and concerns at any time that you ask. They return your calls within 24-hours or less.


They offer clear information about penalties and potential sentencing for your charges. They will review applicable laws that could help your case and explain their relevance to you. This helps them to communicate their strategies with you without leaving you guessing. Any attorney who doesn’t stay in contact or makes you feel as though they don’t care, probably doesn’t.

Highly Recommended Attorneys

Lawyer referral sources allow past clients to post reports about the service they received. It’s common for an attorney to have one or two bad reviews. This is true in all industries. However, any attorney that has an excessive and consistent list of unsatisfied clients is wrong for you. You want an attorney which is highly-recommended by clients. Assess these posts to determine if any factor listed could become problematic for your case.

The combination of trust, positive references, and a clear communication are attributes of an experienced attorney. A complete assessment of these factors helps you to find the right person to represent you. As you review potential attorneys, contact Maureen Baldwin Law to schedule a consultation.


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